Recreational Vehicle

RV lavabo testata

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From classic to modern design shapes.

Our washbasins can be made with different materials including Ocritech®, an acrylic material with registered trademark and formulation. Due to its excellent characteristics, it is our flagship product. Its formulation allows it to be extremely light but at the same time resistant.

The washbasins are made in different shapes and sizes. They can then be supplied with tops and accompanied by a series of bathroom furnishings such as shelves, holders and other decorative elements. This product line includes countertop washbasins as well as built-in and semi-recessed variants.

The latest design developments include washbasins with laminated tops, where materials and colours are determined on customer request.

RV lavabo 1

Washbasin – 01

RV lavabo 2

Washbasin – 02

RV lavabo 3

Washbasin – 03

RV lavabo 4

Washbasin – 04

RV lavabo 5

Washbasin – 05

RV lavabo 6

Washbasin – 06

rv - lavabo 6

Washbasin – 07