Founded in 1972 by Enzo Castagnari in Recanati, the company has acquired a long experience in the processing of plastic material sheets for the manufacturing of different products: displays, frames, boards, etc. Since its foundation, the longstanding partnership with the Guzzini Group has been relevant: Teuco Guzzini bathroom furniture division (whirlpool baths, shower trays, shower doors), Fratelli Guzzini – kitchen accessories division and IGuzzini – lighting division. In the early 90’s the three sons of Enzo Castagnari, Gianluca, Simone and Cristiano, took over the running of the company and start to explore new business opportunities. Soon after, Laika, one of the leading manufacturers of leisure vehicles in Italy, showed interest in Castagnari’s new proposals. That was the start of a successful collaboration. and the launchpad to become one of the leading suppliers in this field within Europe and overseas too. It is then in the last years that Castagnari has approached another key sector among the ones involved in leisure activities, the nautical, which immediately has appeared particularly receptive towards the production developed by Castagnari.